The Province

Sede _provincia _treviso

The Province of Treviso has always been promoting the sustainable development of the territory. The actions are mainly directed to the young generation, generators of a future based on the preservation of the environment and landscape.

Schools are the  best spaces to create the environmental sensibility, becoming innovation laboratories.

The Province of Treviso created the web portal Green Schools to share the green schools projects implemented both in Treviso and in the world. In this way every activities will have a strong resonance. The Province through GreenSchools aims to involve the entire community to take actions aimed to the protection and preservation of the environment through various activities such as energy usage rationalization , spaces sharing, environmental didactic projects.

The Province of Treviso wants to lead their people towards the common path of sustainability.

The Province of Treviso is opening to Europe with the Green Schools project , becoming part of the network ENoLL .